Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Common Threads Challenge: Week 4 + Wrap-Up

I am BACK for the fourth and final week of Common Threads Challenge! I will recap the final week (plus a couple days) of outfits, with a short analysis at the end before the linkup!

Day 22: Styled the gingham shirt with maroon cords and cognac flats for chores and church!

Day 23: I stayed home sick for most of the day, but I put this on once I started feeling better!

Day 24: I picked this top up the previous weekend and thought it would be perfect with my olive pants. It was, and it was also a super comfy outfit!

Day 25: This one's a pretty simple outfit--sweater, scarf, jeans, and booties. Easy peasy!

Day 26: I gave a presentation at work this day, so I wanted to look professional. It was pretty chilly so I layered up with tights and a mustard cardigan.

Day 27: Simple Friday look with my gingham shirt, mustard sweater, jeans, and white Chucks!

Day 28: To be honest, I didn't wear this for long--just for a few hours to run errands. I spent the rest of the day in my Halloween costume!

Day 29: Wore this sweater top, floral scarf, and riding boots with my olive pants to church!

Day 30: I wore my maroon vest with blue jeans, an anchor printed shirt, and riding boots!

No outfit for day 31 as I wore my Halloween costume all day :)

I didn't do a compilation of all the photos, but here's a piece count and some final thoughts:

Maroon vest: 7
Gingham shirt: 6
Olive pants: 6
Mustard cardigan: 6
Booties: 5

My most challenging piece was definitely the gingham shirt--I found that my options were mostly to wear it with a sweater, or wear it by itself. That piece definitely felt the most repetitive.

The easiest piece to style was my booties! They are PERFECT for this time of year and they go with just about anything, either dressed up or down! They did not get as high on the wear count because I had a minor knee injury early in the month so I was unable to wear the booties for the first week or so. 

Share your final week of outfits and your final thoughts in the linkup below!

During the month of October, I have teamed up with five other bloggers to take on the Common Threads Challenge! We have each chosen five pieces from our closet for the month and each outfit we wear must contain at least one of those five pieces.

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