Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Home Tour: Rosie's Spaces

Today I'm back with maybe my favorite installment of my home tour series yet! This isn't necessarily one room of my apartment, but it's every space that's dedicated to my dog, Rosie

Every dog needs a crate--as their safe space to curl up when they're nervous, as a place to put the toys they leave lying around, and as a place for their owners to put them when it's not safe to be outside the crate. I don't crate Rosie often; she is not destructive, so I let her have the run of the apartment while I'm away. But on days when I am expecting a maintenance person to enter my apartment, I need to put her in her crate so she doesn't escape when they come in. 

I bought a pretty basic wire crate from Walmart and, with the help of my dad and grandpa, added a top so it can be used as a little table! My super-handy grandpa was kind enough to cut, sand and finish the edges of the wood. I stained it, and then my dad taught me to use a power drill to get it attached to the top of the crate. It makes the crate look like a more intentional piece of furniture, and it also gave me a place to leave some of Rosie's things (like her hairbrush and her rain jacket, pictured above.)

I found these cute bowls and the mat at Petco the day I brought Rosie home--in case you can't see, they say "good dog" at the bottom. :) I set them in front of the patio door and just step over them if I ever need to go outside. 

In lieu of buying a bed (since she sleeps in my bed anyway,) I left some blankets in a basket for Rosie to use if she ever wants to curl up. I left that pink blanket with her foster mom the day I decided to adopt her, so she took it home and left it where Rosie and her puppies slept, so it smells like her litter and is a comfort item for her. 

There is one dedicated drawer in my kitchen for Rosie's leash, medicine, treats, and other knickknacks! It is usually not this neat, but it's nice to have somewhere to toss everything. 

My grandma gave me this lovely candy dish right after I moved in, and it's perfect for storing treats!

Despite the nice crate and basket I prepped for her, Rosie's favorite place to sleep is on Mommy's pillow--but she's so cute and snuggly I can't complain :)

Was this post a shameless opportunity to post more dog photos on my blog? MAYBE. But I hope you liked it! What are some things you've done to make your home more comfy for your furry friend?

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