Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beauty: Summer Beauty Empties

I'm on a mission.

A mission to finish all the full- and sample-size beauty products I have on my vanity. Between Birchbox samples, products I've received from Influenster and at events like KC Fashion Week, and my own beauty purchases (albeit minimal,) I've got a LOT of products on my vanity.

I'm on a systematic mission to finish them, starting with the smallest samples and working my way way up through the larger and full-size products I have. I started with cancelling my Birchbox subscription--I do intend to start back up once I have my products under control, but I didn't see a point in spending $10 a month when it would just make me stressed out about all the samples I have lying around.

I shared my spring beauty empties a few months ago in an attempt to share more of a peek into my lifestyle, so I decided since I'm going through so many products, I thought I'd continue it as a quarterly series for a while!

I think I've had this hairspray since high school. It's kind of a looser hold, so I usually use it when I wear my hair down, when I just need a little something to keep it looking right. I probably won't replace this as I don't care for the scent of Aussie products. 

I received this sample from Birchbox. I loved this product since I usually let my hair air dry--it gave my curls a really nice texture! I am definitely considering buying it full-size.

This was another Birchbox sample. It was okay, but I felt it left too much of a residue, so I wouldn't buy the full size. 

I received this product at Kansas City Fashion Week on their Aveda night. I obviously used it until it was gone, but I'm not really sure if it made a difference or not. It's pretty expensive and I don't know if it works so I don't think I'll purchase this product. 

I received this in a combo pack as a Valentine's Day gift from my best friend. It smells absolutely wonderful and certainly served the purpose of body butter, which was to moisturize my skin. I don't usually buy lotion/body butter since I typically have some lying around, but if I needed lotion, I'd consider buying it!

This was a Birchbox sample. I used this to moisturize dry spots/blemishes, but I found the consistency to be gummy, almost like honey, so I wouldn't use it again.

I received this bronzer in my Birchbox--it was just okay. It wasn't super pigmented, which was exacerbated by the fact that the packaging made it very difficult to pick up enough product with my brush. I wouldn't buy this product. 

I received this in my Birchbox. It was the first time I ever used primer, and now that I've used others, this wasn't my favorite. It's not bad, but there are cheaper ones I like so I wouldn't buy this product.

I used this Birchbox sample as a makeup remover, and it certainly did the trick! But again, like the primer above, if I needed an eye makeup remover, I'd buy a drugstore product, so I wouldn't buy the full size.

This is another Birchbox sample. I did feel like it gave me a certain glow after use! I'm not looking to add a full-size toner to my routine, but if I was, I'd give this one a chance. 

I was surprised to receive a Kiehl's sample in my Birchbox as I consider Kiehl's to be a really established brand that wouldn't need to give out samples to get their name out there. But I'm not complaining, because I loved this moisturizer! If not for the price, I'd buy the full size as my new night cream, but alas, it's wayyyyy out of my price range.

See you in the fall for another round of empties and beauty reviews!

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