Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July Budget

I don't think I've ever had such a cohesive color scheme in the items I chose for one month. The marooon, coral, burnt orange, and mustard are all represented in the print on the tee. Can you tell I've got fall on the brain (even though it's still July and absolutely sweltering?)

Pants | J. Crew | $16 These maroon skinny slacks are a wonderful addition to my closet as they are professional enough to wear to the office, but can be styled in a more casual setting as well.

Jeans | LOFT | $40 I've told y'all I will buy LOFT's Modern Skinny jeans in any color they make them. Well the outlet was rolling out their fall denim and these burnt orange beauties were out! Not a color I'd usually think to put on pants, but the more I thought about it, the more I loved them as burnt orange is a very flattering color for me.

Tee | LOFT | $20 I have a similar tee from LOFT in a maroon print that I absolutely love--the drape is perfect, and the print makes it more interesting than a plain tee. I longed for more tees like it, and was thrilled to find this one!

Flats | Forever XXI | $13 At $13 and in one of my favorite colors (how did I not own coral flats before now?!?) I couldn't resist!

Belt | Forever XXI | $5 I wear mustard all the time, so a mustard belt only made sense.

Starting amount: $75
Sold to consignment: $10
Amount spent: $94
Total items purchased: 5
Average cost per item: $18.80

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