Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Budget

I got some fun stuff this month that's a little out of my usual purchases (casual tops, colored pants, and a hippie dress) but I'm really excited about everything I bought! I also sold some items to consignment because I was due for a closet cleanout, so I had a little extra room in my clothing budget! 

Yellow Dress | Clothes Mentor | $11 I bought this kind of on a whim for a wedding I have in late June. It's an outdoors wedding and my friends who are getting married are very hip and nature-y, so I thought this pretty, flowy dress would be perfect for their wedding!

Peplum tees | Target | $10 each I fell in love with these peplum tees when they were $15 and told myself I'd come back once May started. On May 1, I went to THREE different Targets and couldn't find them, but my sister found some the next day (marked down to $10 each, in fact) and picked them up for me. I sure do appreciate them more after I thought I'd lost them!

Mustard jeans | LOFT | $45 I've said it once and I'll say it again: I will buy LOFT's Modern Skinny jeans in whatever color they make them. They're the perfect jeans! Plus--mustard, my favorite!

Nautical wedges | Tommy Hilfiger via Clothes Mentor | $16 I styled these for my latest CM Remix post, but as I am always on the lookout for interesting but practical shoes, I had to have them for myself!

Blue dress | Talbot's via Clothes Mentor | $16 I loooove this woolly sheath dress. I love the shape, the fit, the fabric--everything! I also love that it was new with tags, originally $119, on sale at Clothes Mentor for $20 (and then I got 20% off.)

Striped flats | Target | $13 (not pictured) I bought these after I created the graphic for this post--I have had my eye on them for a while, but didn't pull the trigger until I saw a Memorial Day Cartwheel for 20% off shoes!

Starting amount: $75
Sold to consignment: $44
Amount spent: $121
Total items purchased: 7
Average cost per item: $17.28

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