Thursday, May 4, 2017

April Budget

This month was a weird one...I saved most of my money for a big shopping day I had planned with my sister for her Senior Skip Day. So I spent it all at the end of the month, and got VERY busy right after as I started moving! So I apologize that this post is a little late.

I would also like to note that I had an extra $40 this month from trading in some random coins I found when I was packing up my room? So I decided to spend it on clothes--no regrets.

Navy print dress | LOFT | $30 I looooove Loft's soft jersey dresses. I feel like I pick a couple up every year, and they end up being so reliable through the season!

Coral Blazer | Clothes Mentor | $12 Yep, that's another cool collarless blazer {insert sunglasses emoji here.} I have been looking for a coral blazer FOREVER and am so glad I found one (and at a wonderful price, too!)

Mustard dress | Old Navy | $15 I cannot emphasize enough how much I like the fit and print of this dress. I have already worn it since I bought it and got TONS of compliments!

Striped tee | Old Navy | $15 I have been looking for a mustard striped tee for a while and really loved the fit and feel of this one! I have also worn this already :)

Floral flats | Kohl's | $12 It has taken me years to to find the perfect floral flats. YEARS! And these are extremely comfy as well--they have a memory foam insole!

Denim jacket | Forever XXI | $28 I wear my regular denim jacket all the time and a few months ago, I purchased an olive denim jacket that has been getting a lot of mileage as well. So I thought this blush pink version would be fun!

Starting amount: $115
Amount spent: $112
Total items purchased: 6
Average cost per item: $18.67

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