Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Capsule: How I Differentiated This Capsule from Past Remixes

Well, the first week of my capsule is complete, and by the time this post goes live, my big move will be only 19 days away!

As I share my weekly outfits with you, I'd also like to share my process in choosing a capsule. Today, I'd like to share how this capsule stacks up against past remixes I've done. Believe it or not, this is the SIXTH capsule remix I've done in the 3 1/2 years I've had this blog! Below are links to the pieces from my past capsules:

Since this is my sixth capsule, I wanted to make sure that this capsule wasn't just some reiteration from past remixes I've done on the blog. So, here are some tips on how to mix it up if you are a capsule wardrobe veteran! 

Tips for Mixing It Up

  • I realized that this is the first spring capsule I've ever done! I've found that I clearly enjoy doing capsules more in the fall (because that's my favorite season for fashion!) So if you're looking for something fresh, try doing a remix in a season you haven't tried before. 
  • As I referenced last week when I introduced my pieces for this remix, I used a color scheme. Although this was the first time I've intentionally done that during a capsule, if you usually do, try choosing a color you haven't used for a remix before! I intentionally chose colors other than mustard and maroon because those are colors I wear so often, and instead I opted for pink/lavender, which I wear less. I feel this will make for much more interesting outfits.
  • Perhaps this is too obvious, but make sure to pick plenty of pieces you haven't used in capsules before! I looked over my past pieces to determine which pieces I've used before. Below is the list--only 8 have been used before, so 22 are unique to this remix! As I often gravitate towards basics, I am very proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some new pieces in this remix!
    • Blue jeans (Fall '13, Winter '14, Summer '14, Fall '14, Fall '15)
    • Black jeans (Summer '14, Fall '14, Fall '15)
    • Striped boatneck tee (Fall '13, Fall '14)
    • Gray tee (Fall '13)
    • White button-down (Summer '14, Fall '14)
    • Cargo vest (Summer '14, Fall '15)
    • White cardigan (Fall '15)
    • Navy cardigan (Fall '15)

Day 1: I wore a casual tee + jeans + jacket combo for a day of Saturday errands!

Day 2: I paired the floral dress with a mint cardigan for a breezy, light spring look! 

Day 3: My first work outfit after starting the capsule! I have been envisioning this shirt + skirt together since I chose my pieces and I just love how they look! 

Day 4: My intent with this kimono was to pick solid tops in the colors in the pattern of the kimono, and I think it worked out lovely here!

Day 5: I've never worn a blazer with a maxi before because I never found the right combination, but I LOVE how this one turned out!

Day 6: I added this shirt to the capsule to challenge myself, but putting together this outfit wasn't hard at all!

Day 7: I'd call this "elevated casual"--at its core it is a soft, stretchy jersey dress, but add a cardigan, necklace and pretty sandals and it's a perfectly nice spring outfit! 

Other Pieces in the 2017 Spring Capsule Series:

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