Friday, April 28, 2017

Beauty: Spring Beauty Empties

Hey y'all! Since we are on a one-week hiatus from Blogging Besties, I'm here today to give you a peek into my lifestyle. I'd never call myself a beauty blogger, because when I see some of the stuff my friends can do with makeup, I feel absolutely clueless, haha. But I do love trying new beauty products, so I keep a steady stream of samples flowing in through Birchbox and Influenster, plus random samples I pick up at events like Fashion Week! 

So, I saved up my empty products for the last few months, and I'm sharing them with you today! 

Every once in a while, I receive free beauty products from Influenster in exchange for a review--this is one of those products. I don't usually post about them on the blog because my makeup routine isn't particularly unique, but I do post about them on Instagram sometimes! This is a cream-to-powder foundation that I usually use on top of a tinted moisturizer or a liquid foundation, but sometimes on its own for a lighter look. I liked this product so much that I replaced it immediately when I ran out--this is definitely a must-have in my everyday routine!

It's So Big mascara 

I feel like mascara is one of the most common things I get samples of, so I'm always working to get through all of them! This was definitely one I just used up to get rid of it. It wasn't really anything special.

I REALLY loved this Benefit mascara--the brush is awesome and the lash coverage is really nice! I'm a sucker for Benefit packaging, too :)

I am a newbie to filling in my brows, so this Chella brow pencil was the first brow product I tried. I got great brow definition and it didn't slide around like some other brands I've tried since it ran out!

I've had this lip balm for several years and finally brought it to my desk at work to get through it! My trick to getting through a tube of lip balm without losing it is to keep it in the same place until it's gone!

I always get a TON of perfume samples from my Birchbox that I need to get through. This one was very average--I just felt like I needed to use it up to get rid of it.

I always use a moisturizing product after washing my hair, and this serum fit the bill! I felt it softened my hair quite nicely. 

This was another one of those products Influenster sent me free to review, and another one that I went out and bought as soon as it ran out! This stuff smells SO good and is generally just a great moisturizer.

I was so excited to receive this sample from Birchbox because although I've received numerous samples of day creams, I've never gotten a night cream! I just ran out of this product and keep meaning to replace it--I'm just waiting until I can put in a full order on Birchbox!

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