Monday, October 24, 2016

Kansas City Fashion Week--Night 1

Hello, hello! If you follow on Instagram, you know that 2 weeks ago, I covered all four runway shows of Kansas City Fashion Week! It took me an entire week to edit the photos and compile them into collages, although in my defense, I came down with a nasty cold-sinus-infection-thing the last night of KCFW and spent the whole week recovering from that as well. But here I am, feeling (mostly) better and ready to share my coverage of the shows with you!

The first show was Wednesday, October 12. I wore a high-neck blouse (also featured in my recent Day to Night post) and my black midi skirt, which I bought for Fashion Week last fall! I finished off this outfit with a pewter clutch, a beaded necklace from Walmart of all places, and my black ankle-strap heels, which always seem to make an appearance at KCFW!

The show was set up European-style, which means the chairs are set up in a U-shape on the floor and the models walk on the floor right in front of you! The media was in the middle of the U, so I got AWESOME photos that night. I wish every KCFW show was set up like that!

The first designer of the night was Eltee by Laura Higganbotham. I just loved the color scheme the designer used--I think emerald green is so elegant and beautiful, and the gold/taupe/black accents are so lovely with it. Fun fact: an old friend of mine from church camp walked in this show!

The next designer was Irina Tevzadze with her children's collection. I thought this line was so playful and fun, with an awesome color scheme! The white sneakers really made everything pop, too.

Next, the designers behind LV Swim and Earkandie Jewelry teamed up with gorgeous swimwear with glamorous jewelry! The jewelry was made up of delicate chains that really stood out against the swimwear. This definitely made me want to be lounging in the sun by the pool! 

Speaking of beachy loungewear, TR Brown followed with another fun summer line. Although this line wasn't specifically swimwear, it consisted of a lot of pieces that made awesome coverups or perhaps more dressy pieces for an event on the beach. 

The second children's line of the night came from Aerona. Let me tell you--these kids had ATTITUDE and the crowd (including myself) was eating it up! I really loved the geometric and highly structured elements of this collection.

Morgan Mason, the designer behind Aerona, said this line was inspired by the fashions of the 80s and 90s. If you can't tell from the clothes, you can definitely tell from the big hair on the models! I liked the designer's creative use of different fabrics/materials to make a cohesive but creative look.

Up next was Sheraz Pompey and his line of gorgeous evening gowns. These pieces are all so feminine and elegant. I can definitely see some elements from this line becoming trends for proms, weddings, and galas in spring 2017--velvet, anyone?

 The final collection of the night was Munelle de Vie, a line inspired by the fashions of Paris. I love the use of that maroon-and-navy striped fabric! Very French chic.

So, that's a wrap on Night 1 of KCFW! Stay tuned for the rest of this week for my coverage of the other three nights!

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