Sunday, April 19, 2015

Activation Giveaway with The Collegiate Standard!

I'm not gonna lie, y'all--this April has been INSANE, mainly with OPA stuff. It seems like every weekend I've had a million sorority things, but next weekend is the final chapter in this semester of craziness--our Activation ceremony. So today, instead of sharing an outfit post, I'm sharing a few memories of Activations past, with a giveaway from The Collegiate Standard at the end! 

Activation is a big tradition for our chapter, when a pledge class officially finishes their pledgeship, having completed all their pledging requirements, and officially joins the sisterhood of Omega Phi Alpha! The new members wear white, the active members wear black, and it's all very symbolic and a beautiful rite of passage. Then, we celebrate by exchanging paddles and gifts, and with food of course! 

Activation is especially fun for people who have a little. In our sorority, every new member is assigned a big sister whose job is to mentor through her pledgeship and beyond! Since OPA is growing so quickly, many of us have taken multiple littles to fill the need for bigs. I've taken four littles throughout my time in OPA, and I love them all SO much! 

Here are some photos from past Activations: 

This photo is from my Activation, in Fall 2012 (which seems like FOREVER ago!) The other girl in the photo is my big, Savannah, holding the paddle I made her!

This photo is from Spring 2013, when my first little, Emily, was activated! It was so fun becoming a big and getting to participate in the ceremony as an active for the first time.

Fast forward a year to Fall 2014. I took another little because we had a really pledge class and needed all the bigs we could get! I've loved every moment with Bekah as my little! 

This semester, I took two more little since we had another HUGE pledge class! Rachel is on the left and Hannah is on the right in this photo. They won't be activated until Friday, but here is a photo from our big/little reveal (the day they found out I was their big!)

As you can tell, Activation is a big deal for me and my sisters! So to celebrate, I'm doing a giveaway!
The Collegiate Standard has graciously offered to give away a piece of jewelry on Undergraduate Style! My chapter and I LOVE The Collegiate Standard, because very few companies make Omega Phi Alpha lavalieres. I did a review of a gorgeous cross necklace from them a few months ago, which I am still in love with! 

I am so excited for one of you lucky readers to win a piece of jewelry--whether it's a lavaliere or something else! You can enter in the widget below, but if you don't win, never fear! With the code "ALEX10", you can still get 10% off ANYTHING from The Collegiate Standard! The giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 22, so hurry up and enter!

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