Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest Post: Whitney from Whitney à la mode!

Hey y'all! Remember when I said I had another guest post for you, but you'd just have to wait for it? Well today's the day! I'm super excited to present another guest post from another one of my dear blog friends. This gal was one of my first (if not my first) friends I made in the blogiverse! She's so adorable and I definitely consider her one of my style soul sisters. Enjoy this guest post from Whitney at Whitney à la mode!


This is a guest post written by Whitney from Whitney à la mode.

Hello there, Undergraduate Style readers!  I am so excited to be guest posting for Alex today!  Alex is one of the sweetest, most cheerful ladies I have met in this style blogging world.  I love her blog concept of stepping-up her college look since so many of us (myself included) regularly walked around campus in a hoodie and jeans.  Alex is an inspiration for us all to look more put-together on a budget!

If you've ever taken a peek at my blog, you will have noticed that I am a graduate from Michigan State University and am a HUGE Spartan fan.  Alex noticed a post of mine awhile back where I remixed an MSU sweatshirt.  We thought that it would be fun for me to do a similar post for Undergraduate Style today to combine my love for dressing-up spirit wear with her goal to look stylish on campus.

Let's face it, ladies.  College is such a glorious period of life where you can get away with rolling-out of bed, throwing on a sweatshirt and heading to class.  While there is nothing wrong with this mentality (as stated above, I did this plenty of times in college), it can be just as easy to step-up your outfit a little bit.  And I don't know about you, but when I look more put together, I just feel better about myself.

Did I mention that MSU won the Rose Bowl this year?  Go green!

For this post, I've put together three outfits featuring one MSU t-shirt.  In styling these ensembles, I made sure that they were just as low-maintenance as your average hoodie + jeans combination.  I've also created these outfits from my wardrobe staples that I think would be perfect for a college student's closet!

This outfit was super easy to throw together.  I paired my MSU tee with a pair of ponte pants which are a comfy closet staple in my book!  I wish that ponte pants were around when I was in college because they are as comfortable as leggings but are thicker and more flattering.  Wearing a cuffed, chambray shirt unbuttoned over my t-shirt (instead of a sweatshirt) added warmth and detail to the ensemble.  Not to mention a chambray shirt can do wonders for spicing-up your wardrobe.  Here are a few other ways that I've styled this chambray shirt.  Finally, Ugg boots were the ultimate in shoe apparel when I was in college and I'm still not over them.

I think that this outfit would be great if you are heading to the local bar or restaurant to catch your team's away game on TV (or maybe you want to look a little extra cute for a certain someone in your math class).  Skinny jeans and a t-shirt are an obvious pairing.  I've added a utility vest (a great addition to any wardrobe) as a completer piece and some comfy booties.

Please save an outfit like this until the polar vortexes (is that the correct word for vortex, plural??) are behind us.  Sometimes skirts can seem intimidating but if you grab one with an elastic waistband, it can be even comfier than your jeans!  I love this one because it's subtle, navy pattern can work as a neutral bottom.  To finish the outfit, a pair of colored flats in your team's color can be a fun addition!

Thanks for tuning-in and I would love to see you over at Whitney à la mode!

What I'm Wearing:

Whitney is a twenty-something French teacher in the Washington D.C. area (although she is a Michigander at heart).  At Whitney à la mode she writes about her journey to become more fashionably put-together on a teacher's budget.  Did you know that "à la mode" means "in style" in French?

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