Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Wish List

Maybe it's my shopping fast (of which I only have 3 days left! Party!) but I've been thinking a TON about a few staple pieces I want to grab for the fall! I have a running list of things I keep an eye out for when I'm out shopping, and it changes all the time--I'll add something, remove something, or buy something and take it off the list! However, I've got a few things I've been looking for for a while.

Maroon Skinnies

Maroon/oxblood/wine/whatever you call it is HUGE this fall! I've been in love with this color since last winter, and I think a pair of pants will fit really nicely in my closet.

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Genuine Leather Boots

I've owned four pairs of riding boots in my life so far--none of them real leather. I kind of just trade them out each year and buy a really cheap pair, but I wear them out really fast since I wear them so often. For my birthday this year (the big 2-0,) I think I'm going to gift myself a pair of real leather boots. I wear them enough that it's worth it.

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Cute Sweater

I really like sweaters because who doesn't? I always say, "Sweater weather is better weather." They're so comfy cozy and they're really easy to accessorize and whatnot. I have a pretty decent collection, but I'd like either a classic one in a classic color (that I'll be able to wear for a while) or a patterned one. Maybe both. Also, I know one of these is a cardigan, but I really like those giant tribal-patterned, open cardigans. I don't know if it's a college thing, but everybody wears them here and they look so cozy and I want one.

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J. Crew Skirt

Okay, I know this skirt is really expensive, but hear me out here. 1) I've heard really rave reviews about its comfort, versatility, timelessness, overall quality, etc. 2) I am in love with camel. It's a neutral, but something about it just isn't boring. It's caramelly and smooth and perfect. 3) It fits the bill of being something that I can wear professionally or casually. 4) IT HAS AN ELASTIC WAISTBAND, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE. I can't stress how nice that is. So I'm thinking I'll buy it with my birthday money. I'll go to the Factory store at an outlet mall near my home to try it on, then I'll wait for a 40% off everything sale online. And then I'll pounce. And me and my skirt will live happily ever after.

What's on your fall wishlist?


  1. J.Crew Factory just had a sale during which I picked-up one of these skirts in cobalt. I LOVE it! I've worn it only once (blog pictures coming soon) but I already have a number of skirt outfits planned in my head. I would definitely recommend this skirt!

  2. I'm glad to hear you like it! It's definitely an investment for me, but I don't have ANYTHING like it in my closet, so I think it'll be worth it!